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Hey! I'm ELLA
I can make your learning app

a simple yet powerful

Adaptive Learning-as-a-Service API solution


Try my EdTech Superpower

My name stands for E.nhanced L.earning L.evel A.lgorithm.

I'm a single-call stateless RESTful webAPI that gives you level adjustment recommendations for each of your learners.

You can easily embed me in your mobile or desktop learning application or game to enhance your learners' experience.


Based on your learners' scores, I tell you when to make things easier or more challenging for an optimal learning.

You keep the full control on how you integrate my level adjustment recommendations based on your teaching method.


That's as simple as that!

ELLA Superpower

How I boost the brain of your learning app

How ELLA works

STEP 1: getting the learning scores

Every time your learner completes an exercise or takes a test, you pass me her performance result or score along with a few other simple parameters. No complex coding here: after a standard authentication, a single webAPI call makes the job very well in getting me what I need...


STEP 2: computing the recommendation

I process your learner's score in my learning trends detection algorithm and let you know as output whether you should either1) increase the challenge level, or 2) keep the challenge level as-is, or 3) decrease the challenge level for an optimal learning experience of your learner. 

STEP 3: using the recommendation

Based on your learning solution design and teaching method, you can use my level adjustment recommendation response to trigger new types of exercises, new choices level in existing tests, new learning contents or lessons... You decide how to make the best of my recommendation for your learner!


An Adaptive Learning Service Powered By 

lab4-203 Digital Innovation Launchpad


I help you improve...


your learner's engagement

Learning is not a linear process.

By bringing the right level of learning content at the right time, your learners stay highly motivated and engaged, regardless of their learning conditions.


your learner's performance

Learners pursue learning efficiency.

Thanks to the learning level adjustment recommendations, you can optimize and maximize the learning process for better long-term results of your learners.


your learner's experience

Every learner is different.

Your learners deserve a unique learning experience. Offer them a personalized experience that respects their pace and way of learning.



Does your webAPI service work for any type of learning app or content?

The learning trend detection model I use for my algorithm has been designed to be subject agnostic. So, you can use me for many different teaching purposes, even on a single learner. What really matters to me is being fed with your learners' scores from their exercises, tests, quizzes... 

How reliable are your level adjustment recommendations?

While I will be able to output some level adjustment recommendations almost from the very first score I ingest thanks to an accelerated initialization function of my algorithm, the reliability of the recommendations for a given learner will improve till several dozen scores are processed.

How much does it cost to use your Adaptive Learning-as-a-service solution?

Because I know that every learning app producer has different needs, I try to remain flexible. From API call volume-based pricing to a bundle of calls tiered pricing to a license-based approach for high volume requirements, let's talk together to find what fee plan fits the best your solution stage.

How best can your level adjustment recommendations be used?

There are many ways you can use my recommendations in your learning solution. Most frequent cases include the adjustment of the number and type of possible answers in exercises or also the trigger of new content or tests. I actually give a lot more insights on this topic in my API Rulebook...

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